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Mums-and-kids trip to Singapore-

Looking for somewhere to take the sprogs over summer? Read on Summer in Dubai is traditionally a time when many mums pack their suitcases and take the kids off to cooler climes. But if you’re looking for a change, how about jetting off on a family-friendly adventure they’ll never forget? This year, the Dubai-based, women-only travel agency, The World At Her Feet, is launching its first ever trip that’s aimed squarely at mums and their kids. Even better, mums only pay for themselves, with a child up to the age of 17 going along free of charge.

Their first kid-friendly tour, the Eastern Promise Package, jets mums and kids off to discover the delights of Singapore, with everything except the flights taken care of. Mums and up to two kids stay for five days and four nights on the island, and there’s a whole itinerary laid on to ensure it’s a trip of a lifetime.

Get closer to nature at Singapore Zoo, which is home to over 2,500 animals from nearly 320 different species (more than a third of which are endangered), and is known across the world for its innovative conservation policy and breeding programmes. Go on a Night Safari, and discover big cats from the African plains or catch the famous Creatures of the Night show. Check out the feathered inhabitants at Jurong Bird Park (there’s everything from penguins to falcons), or go on a voyage to the bottom of the sea at Underwater World.

The trip also includes a full day at Universal Studios, sure to be a hit with kids of all ages (whether they’re after the thrills of two of the world’s largest roller coasters, Human Vs Cyclon, or letting their imaginations run wild at the Far Far Away Castle from Shrek).

‘The concept is very simple – today’s woman really loves to travel, travels for work, and has the money and independence to do so. But for those who don’t want to do it alone, we take care of every detail. You just pack your bags and you’re off,’ explains Paulomi Bhatt, founder of The World At Her Feet , which has already taken its members to exotic locations such as the Great Wall of China and Bali. The group already has nearly 3,500 members on Facebook, and is fast gaining popularity in a region where traditionally women are less inclined to travel alone.

For the mother and child trip, it was about spotting a unique gap in the summer travel market, Paulomi explains. ‘More often than not mums have their vacation with the family, but then there’s a whole summer ahead when husbands are working, when most people just tend to go back home as it’s the easiest option. For our summer tour, we’ve made the itinerary incredibly child friendly, but have also taken the pressure off the mums.’

To find out more, log on to Far Eastern Summer package is open for bookings until June 20 – valid for travel through July and August. Dhs4,800 net (rates include one adult, one child – for second child supplementary charges apply). Flights not included.

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Paulomi Bhatt is a former marketing manager who last year started running a travel group in the Middle East called World at Her Feet. She explains why the group was started and whom it targets.

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Genuine women who journeyed with us tell their stories and share their memories

  • Aisha Alhammadi

    I’ve enjoyed Ireland more than I’ve expected! Inshallah ill use the world at her feet again for the future :) i posted many pics of the trip on my Instagram. Very beautiful country

  • Nancy Sheikh

    The trip to Ireland was a wonderful experience of the culture and beauty of the country. TWAF, did a super job with comfortable arrangements which further served to enhance the quality of the trip.

    Happy customer

  • Lorraine Alva

    Bhutan And so the slogan goes: “Happiness is a Country” Truly enjoyed my trip to Bhutan was definitely on my bucket list The World At Her Feet organized a fantastic trip. Every detail was taken care of. Loved the idea of a small cosy group. Most importantly kudos to the van driver. He was so cautious especially considering the entire time we were either climbing or descending winding mountain roads. Credit goes to the the guide as well, as he in his own right, had such a thorough knowledge of the sites and personally took care of our safety on every hike especially the arduous climb up to Tiger’s Nest. What more could we ask for - emphasis on Safety being of highest priority. Truly recommend traveling with TWAHF.

  • Taghreed Taleb Hussein

    I knew about The World at her Feet when I searched for women trips and I joined them in Russia trip. It was amazing trip, and since then i joined all their following trips, and really regret not knowing them before and losing the chance of visiting all their previous trips.

  • Suma Nair

    This my very first trip to with the World At Her Feet. Was a bit skeptical about it. But after talking to Paulomi I was convinced and don’t regret my decision. I thank paulomi for coming up with such a nice concept for women like us. Shared room with our tour guide Rahma, who is an amazing person. Made wonderful friends and am looking forward to explore more with WAHF.

  • Diana Grobler

    First of all i would like to tell you I am not a group tour person. HOWEVER i have to say this tour changed some of my perceptions and bad experience i had. The size of the group makes all the difference. I found it well organised, fully packed with what you could see and do in such a short time. Well worth the money. The tour guide was excellent and the representative for The World at Her Feet made us all feel welcomed. Thank you very much. I can and will recommend your company to all my FB friends


    I travelled to China with where I joined 7 other women I have never met before, and today we are good friends. The trip was fantastic; we journeyed to 5 cities, attended numerous shows and visited several historic places. The tea ceremony was absolutely delightful, the Kung-Fu show and West Lake show which was a dazzling dancing show on the lake at night. Every detail was well organized and managed. The itinerary was impeccable; it gave us a chance to taste amazing food, see great places and most importantly make new wonderful friends. It was a truly memorable journey. Thank you Paulomi for a great experience and now China is off my bucket list. Love n light to all.


    The World At Her Feet, thank you for the amazing trips; this is my second trip and I'm looking forward to many more. Thank you Paulomi and my new friends. Love you all


    China: what an amazing trip! I really didn't expect it to be so perfect!! Thanks to WAHF and the best travelling mates ever!!


    Couldn't have done China better! Thanks a million Paulomi.


    A fantastic trip. The World At Her Feet - thank you for the experience!


    Just returned from a fabulous holiday in Bali. Thanks to 'The World At Her Feet' I had so much fun and the adventure was out of this world. Looking forward to more such wonderful getaways!!!!! View the photos on my page soon.


    Ladies, you are a life saviour. Now when I can’t take those short trips with my wife, she can join u guys and have a blast… All the very best

  • Belinda Sheppard

    The World At Her Feet organized a special food tour for us to Armenia- great trip - beautiful location !

  • Susan Miller

    The World At Her Feet organized a private tour for us to Italy . Superb planning !

  • Sandra Desai

    I have been with TWAHF on 2 trips.. A first time adventurous strip to Bali and a second to amazing China. I met up with many like minded women with the zen to travel, see the world.. And TWAHF makes it so easy.. Thanks to Paulomi for some amazing plans. Would certainly love to join in on future trip!!

  • Analisa Anog Callangan

    I had an amazing Japan trip experience with TWAHF. Likewise, all the ladies in the group tour were equally amazing. I look forward to another wonderful travel experience with TWAHF!

  • Audrey Noronha

    Thanks for organizing such a splendid Finland trip. Every day was a different adventure. The driver cum guide were all very good and patient and attended to all our queries 😊 Looking forward to joining for future trips 😊 and God bless you and the entire TWAHF👍

  • Eugena Miranda

    Hi Paulomi! We got back yesterday (Audrey and me) and wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip to Finland. Everything was perfectly organized. The guides, the pick-up and drop-off arrangements, the local food, the activities, etc. were all excellent. Each day was a unique experience. Thoroughly enjoyed! And seeing the northern lights was like the icing on the cake 😄

    Thank you for organizing this iconic trip and it was truly a pleasure being part of it.

    Looking forward, hopefully, to more such trips with TWAHF.

  • Dr Rajalakshmi Srinivasan

    hi - thks Paulomi for this trip - had a good time - many things ticked off the bucket list - including being in two snow storms !!!