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Ladies special tours

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If the world is your oyster, then The World at Her Feet is your angler, fishing for exotic destinations and most exhilarating journeys handpicked exclusively for our modern adventurous woman with an appetite for unique travel experiences.

Vacationing around the globe is made easy for women who are tired of rigid itineraries and copy/paste trips that leave them feeling deprived and unfulfilled.

We too are wary of rigorous tours that miss the mark, which is why our 2018-bucket list trips are full of excitement., history, adventure and culture all bundled into every journey.

Be it the Far East / Europe or Eastern Europe, our experiences are guaranteed to satisfy the adventuress in you.


Consistently ranked among the world's top 10 destinations by TripAdvisor, Hanoi and its surrounding region get more tourists every day. Join us... Read More

Ladies special tours


Join us on our adventure as we travel to Macedonia , Bulgaria and Serbia. Three countries where the beauty will spellbound... Read More

Women's travel club Dubai


Join us on our adventure as we travel to Macedonia , Bulgaria and Serbia. Three countries where the beauty will spellbound... Read More


We take you to see Japan during The Cherry Blossom Season . This April we invite you travel with us to see Japan at its most beautiful- The Sakura season Read More

Ladies special tours


Romania – a country which evokes feelings of mystery , intrigue and thrill – join us as we travel... Read More

Women's travel club Dubai


Romania – a country which evokes feelings of mystery , intrigue and thrill – join us as we travel... Read More


From the land that gave us Alexander the Great, Homer the Epic Poet, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle the philosophers, Hippocrates the Physician, Archimedes the Mathematician, not to mention Aphrodite, Athena, and Zeus… Read More

Ladies special tours


what our travellers have to say....

Genuine women who journeyed with us tell their stories and share their memories

  • Suma Nair

    This my very first trip to with the World At Her Feet. Was a bit skeptical about it. But after talking to Paulomi I was convinced and don’t regret my decision. I thank paulomi for coming up with such a nice concept for women like us. Shared room with our tour guide Rahma, who is an amazing person. Made wonderful friends and am looking forward to explore more with WAHF.

  • Diana Grobler

    First of all i would like to tell you I am not a group tour person. HOWEVER i have to say this tour changed some of my perceptions and bad experience i had. The size of the group makes all the difference. I found it well organised, fully packed with what you could see and do in such a short time. Well worth the money. The tour guide was excellent and the representative for The World at Her Feet made us all feel welcomed. Thank you very much. I can and will recommend your company to all my FB friends


    I travelled to China with where I joined 7 other women I have never met before, and today we are good friends. The trip was fantastic; we journeyed to 5 cities, attended numerous shows and visited several historic places. The tea ceremony was absolutely delightful, the Kung-Fu show and West Lake show which was a dazzling dancing show on the lake at night. Every detail was well organized and managed. The itinerary was impeccable; it gave us a chance to taste amazing food, see great places and most importantly make new wonderful friends. It was a truly memorable journey. Thank you Paulomi for a great experience and now China is off my bucket list. Love n light to all.


    The World At Her Feet, thank you for the amazing trips; this is my second trip and I'm looking forward to many more. Thank you Paulomi and my new friends. Love you all


    China: what an amazing trip! I really didn't expect it to be so perfect!! Thanks to WAHF and the best travelling mates ever!!


    Couldn't have done China better! Thanks a million Paulomi.


    A fantastic trip. The World At Her Feet - thank you for the experience!


    Just returned from a fabulous holiday in Bali. Thanks to 'The World At Her Feet' I had so much fun and the adventure was out of this world. Looking forward to more such wonderful getaways!!!!! View the photos on my page soon.


    Ladies, you are a life saviour. Now when I can’t take those short trips with my wife, she can join u guys and have a blast… All the very best

  • Belinda Sheppard

    The World At Her Feet organized a special food tour for us to Armenia- great trip - beautiful location !

  • Susan Miller

    The World At Her Feet organized a private tour for us to Italy . Superb planning !

  • Sandra Desai

    I have been with TWAHF on 2 trips.. A first time adventurous strip to Bali and a second to amazing China. I met up with many like minded women with the zen to travel, see the world.. And TWAHF makes it so easy.. Thanks to Paulomi for some amazing plans. Would certainly love to join in on future trip!!

  • Analisa Anog Callangan

    I had an amazing Japan trip experience with TWAHF. Likewise, all the ladies in the group tour were equally amazing. I look forward to another wonderful travel experience with TWAHF!